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Academy activation of entrepreneurship in rural areas

The project is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland
within the framework of the Polish Development Cooperation

The aim of the project "Academy of Entrepreneurship in rural revitalization areas " - show the possibility for citizens to engage in entrepreneurship in the region. To do this, increase the activity the population, involvement in creative activities, business. For this purpose, The project was created on the basis of a business incubator Creative Workshop "Tuteyshaya gaspadarka" for apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, exchange experiences and ideas. Enterprise development is the basis of sustainable development any region. It is therefore necessary to create favorable conditions for small and medium-sized businesses. Currently, in our country we have created an unprecedented conditions for craft activities and activities in the field of rural tourism

Last news

Interview with project coordinator “Green agriculture without borders” Galina Matyushenko
In the newspaper “Minsk true” for 12.04.2019 It published an article with an interview with the project coordinator “Green agriculture without borders” Galina Matyushenko.
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Green agriculture without borders
We invite farmers and smallholders from Minsk and Grodno regions, who is interested in moving its activities to "green track"
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Information about the work of the Counseling Center
Within the framework of the project "Green Agriculture without borders" a center of "green" agriculture (center ZSKH) in Minsk region, ah.Kolodyschy, ul.Minskaya,
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Commentary on the law governing the production and handling of organic products
COMMENTARY TO THE LAW ON production and handling of organic products N.G.KULBITSKAYA, Head of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Agriculture T.M.KARBANOVICH, Deputy Chief of Plant Management
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Comment of the National Legal Internet Portal of the Republic of Belarus
A law on organic production and handling 9 November 2018 g. The head of state signed the Law № 144-Z "On Production
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RB Law "On organic production and handling"
LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS 9 November 2018 g. N 144-W about production and handling of organic products Adopted by the House of Representatives 2 October
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