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Academy activation of entrepreneurship in rural areas

The project is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland
within the framework of the Polish Development Cooperation

The aim of the project "Academy of Entrepreneurship in rural revitalization areas " - show the possibility for citizens to engage in entrepreneurship in the region. To do this, increase the activity the population, involvement in creative activities, business. For this purpose, The project was created on the basis of a business incubator Creative Workshop "Tuteyshaya gaspadarka" for apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, exchange experiences and ideas. Enterprise development is the basis of sustainable development any region. It is therefore necessary to create favorable conditions for small and medium-sized businesses. В настоящее время в нашей стране созданы беспрецедентные условия для ремесленной деятельности и деятельности в сфере агроэкотуризма

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Milled from merino wool cap

Sale! 60.00 rub. 55.00 rub.

landscape snail

Sale! 30.50 rub. 30.00 rub.


Sale! 36.00 rub. 35.00 rub.

cascade creek

Sale! 150.00 rub. 145.00 rub.

amulet broom

Sale! 7.00 rub. 5.00 rub.

decorative branch

Sale! 5.00 rub. 4.00 rub.


Sale! 10.00 rub. 8.00 rub.

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Distance Learning business start-ups
Remote course "Entrepreneur. From the idea to the action plan. "It was developed by specialist business incubator JSC" MAP ZAO "Naydovich Marina Nikolaevna specifically for
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Delegation from Poland visited the incubator of small business in Kolodishchi
Representatives of institutions engaged in supporting entrepreneurship in Poland visited the incubator of small business “MAP ZAO” in ahrohorodke Kolodyschy. During the meeting,, participants learned
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Uruche / Kolodyschy: we invite you to express sewing courses!
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A master class by craftswomen Ina Vyatiorets
16/02/2019 creative workshop “The local economy” a master class by craftswomen Ina Vyatiorets (instagram @moms_hand_made). For three hours, students produced a vintage
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Vintage pots
Master Class ” Vintage pots” Master Class ” Vintage pots” be held 23.02. at 12.00 by address ag. Kolodyschy, str. Minsk 5 (workshop
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