Photo report: in Kolodishchi was an exhibition and sale of products from local artisans

WITH 14 by 16 December business incubator MAP ZAO building, an exhibition and sale of handicrafts by local artisans, where you can also buy gifts for the New Year holidays, souvenirs, decorations and more.

The exhibition is dedicated to the discovery Maysterni "Tuteyshaya gaspadarka" in coworking center of the business incubator at: Kolodyschy, str. Minsk, 5 (ground floor, entrance to the cafe "Octopus").

Workshop "The local economy ' – this hobby center, club for creative people, who want to learn how to create their own hands, share the experience of his skill with like-minded organizations and to acquire skills in their field.

Exhibition Hours:

15 December, 9.30 to 18.00;

16 December, 9.30 to 15.00.

yesterday, 14 December, the opening of the sales exhibition “The local economy”:

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