Evgeny Dorogush: lose weight – it's hype)

Eugene Dorogush several years ago bought a plot with a pond and near the Jubilee Lake in the Grodno region. Now trout in the pond, and on the plot grows goji berries.
Eugene – participant of the ENI-LLB-1-117 project “Green Agriculture without Borders” Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Cross-Border Cooperation Program within the European Neighborhood Instrument at 2014-2020 gg.

Evgeny Dorogush. Photo from the site “Нrodna.life”

The local economy (TG): Eugene, tell us about your farm? Why did you decide to farm??

Evgeny Dorogush (Units): A few years ago I bought a plot with a pond near the Anniversary Lake in the Grodno region. There was a desire to restore the pond, old mill, crop, fish farming. Later I decided to do agro, eco-, and historical tourism. The local executive committee helped in choosing the optimal form of organization of their business - the farm "Manor Yubileinaya".

TG: What products do you grow? Did you manage to restore the pond?

Units: On the plot I grow as seedlings, so goji berries, as well as Christmas trees. Goji berries are called juvenile apples.. They have a beneficial effect on the body., help fight insomnia, overweight, chronic fatigue and depression. Homeland of berries – Tibet and the Himalayas, but they adapted to grow in our climate.

Goji berries

We plan to breed trout in the pond.

TG: What support do you need as a farmer??

Units: Farmers are currently prohibited from tourism., agritourism, and also forbidden to build a house on their lands. In this connection, I suppose, that it is necessary to amend the Law of the Republic of Belarus on peasant (farm) household. Together with our other fellow farmers we would like to participate in its public discussion. Regarding financial support, are necessary simple
and affordable lending programs, leasing, by installments.

TG: What are your plans for the future?

Units: Actually, the, what I talked about above – achieve legislative changes, so that farmers are allowed to tourism in their lands and create infrastructure for this.

TG: What would you recommend to novice farmers? What would you like to warn those, who is only at the beginning of the journey?

Units: Self-belief, in your dream, count your strengths and finances.

Farm "Yubileinaya Estate"

Head of household: Dear Evgeny

Farm address: 230025, g. Grodno, str. Kalyuchinskaya, 14-2
contact number: +375 29 282-01-01
E-mail address: temp_free@mail.ru

Interview with Eugene Dorogush for “Hrodnа Life” read: https://ru.hrodna.life/articles/slovil-hajp-i-stal-fermerom/
Buy goji berries and seedlings, as well as other organic farmer products you can, contacting Eugene personally: https://robimrazam.by/vendors/usadba-jubilejnaja/

Interview was conducted by Julia Koroleva, EVIL “MAP ZAO” Minsk district

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