Nut – "Acorn of the Gods"

Victoria and Pavel Radchuk are participants in the ENI-LLB-1-117 project “Green Agriculture without Borders” of the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Cross-Border Cooperation Program within the European Neighborhood Instrument on 2014-2020 gg.

The local economy (TG): Victoria, walnut cultivation in Belarus is no surprise. Tell me, how long have you been growing walnuts. Why did you decide to grow walnut??

Victoria Radchuk (BP): The first steps in creating our Heritage Nut Garden were laid in 2017 year. Since this period, we annually work to develop our idea. And every year we see results.

Our garden is located in the outback of Belarus - the village of Dubok, Brest region, which is located on the territory of the Biosphere Reserve "Pribuzhsky Polesie". This is one of the most environmentally friendly places in Belarus., remote from noisy highways and industrial enterprises. Total landing area - 5 Mrs.

We are impressed by the very idea of ​​growing with our own hands and breeding unique varieties of walnut. First of all, vaccination approach to walnut propagation will allow preserving 100% signs of the mother tree. The grafted seedlings bear fruit on 2-3 years earlier than seedlings, grown by planting walnut.

Secondly, only officially registered in Belarus 4 walnut varieties, which are recommended for breeding and among which there are no large-fruited varieties with a mass of more than 19 gram, no varieties
with side (lateral) bearing fruit, no varieties with kernel output more 53% by weight of walnut. As a result of grafting walnut seedlings and their adaptation in the existing climatic conditions, we have developed varieties with the most successful kernel mass indicators, occupancy rate
and frost resistance.

Photo from the personal archive of the hero

TG: What varieties of walnuts can I get from you?

BP: You can get grafted walnut seedlings from us and try to grow a walnut on your own site.. All seedlings with a closed root system are in pots, which significantly minimizes landing risks.

We collected materials for them for several seasons, selecting the best samples of walnut fruit from Belarus, Of Poland, Russia. We work with large-fruited, frost-resistant varieties with high yields and high consumer properties of the kernel.

Grow more 10 walnut varieties, eg, The Duboksky Giant, "Garnet", "Anna", "Love", Honey Lateral, "David", "Dawn of the East" and others.

for example, grade "Duboksky giant" large-fruited and frost-resistant grade. Powerful tree, fast growing. Walnut is very large - about 18 gram. Thin shell, light cores, easily removed by butterflies without damage. Has a high yield.

Walnut variety “Duboksky giant” Photo from the hero’s personal archive

Large-fruited variety walnut "Anna" suitable for home gardens and small gardens. The light core is about 50% walnut weights, it's sweet, and does not darken during storage. Very thin shell, almost paper, part of the fruit is not tightly closed. Waking up late in spring.

Walnut variety "Anna" Photo from the personal archive of the hero

The quick-growing grade "Samokhvalovichesky-2" is suitable for commercial gardens. It has increased winter hardiness. Medium walnut, with a thin shell and internal partitions. Light straw color kernels are easily removed by butterflies without damage and are over 50 % by weight of walnut. Fruits develop by 2-5 pcs, either in the hands until 8-10 PC. Sweet taste, high yield.

Walnut variety "Samokhvalovichesky-2" Photo from the personal archive of the hero

TG: Beyond Walnut, what else do you grow?

BP: We also grow traditional crops - beans, garlic, pumpkin, potatoes.

TG: Where can I get your products??

BP: You can contact us in any convenient way.: write in instant messengers, make a phone call, send email to email, or fill out a feedback form on our website

TG: Victoria, Do you need support as a farmer, eg, financial, educational, advice on their activities?

BP: Yes, of course, need. First of all, the farmer needs help in gaining the experience of colleagues not only in Belarus,
but also abroad (meeting, festivals, trade fairs, excursions).

Financial assistance is also important in the initial stages of development., since the garden will not bear fruit in the first year and not in the second, and you need to find funds for its development all this time. Legal advice helps throughout the activity, to avoid mistakes and make the right decisions.

TG: Victoria, share plans?

BP: In the future, it is planned to care for the planted material, further processing and expansion of the garden. We want to involve the local population in the process of caring for the created garden.

Additional cultivation of inter-row crops will allow you to earn income for subsequent reinvestment in the garden.

TG: What would you recommend to those, who is only at the beginning of the journey?

BP: Love that, what are you doing! If you are heart and soul given to your beloved deed, then all obstacles will be overcome. All the forces, which you will spend on the cause of your life will bring the desired results.

Private farm: Heritage Walnut Garden

LPH owners: Victoria and Pavel Radchuk

Farm address: Republic of Belarus, 225022, Brest district, Domachevsky s / s, der. Deep, str. Central 59

contact number: +375(33)3657962 (Viber); +375333657962 (WhatsApp)

E-mail address:


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