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Educational visit g. Dobele (Latvia)
A group of Belarusian farmers and rural entrepreneurs in Minsk and Grodno regions 4-5 October 2019 года приняли участие в образовательном визите
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Mobile Forum Festival of rural business "Tuteyshaya gaspadarka"
07 September 2019 g. at the platform of business incubators ZAO "MAP ZAO", ag.Kolodischi Minsk district hosted a mobile forum – Festival of rural businesses
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Next to the thrush open ekomagazin Veska
The store opens Lebyazhie environmental goods Veska - with food, makeup, household means without chemistry. The founders say, that such products and in such a quantity
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Presentation of the project "Green Agriculture without borders" in Grodno
25 July 2019 year in Grodno hosted a presentation of the project "Green Agriculture without borders" for farmers, smallholders and concerned
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Festival of rural business in Belarus "The local economy '
07 September 2019 g. on-site business incubator JSC "MAP ZAO" Minsk district, ah.Kolodyschy, ul.Minskaya, 5 The festival will take place on rural business "Tuteyshaya
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Partner meeting took place in Panevezys
7 June 2019 In the project's boundaries “Green agriculture without borders” partner meeting took place in Panevezys. employees Fund “innovations for
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