Training business companies

Training business company (more - UBK) - This is an educational project for additional education of children and youth, aimed at the development of economic education and youth entrepreneurship, helps students to choose a profession. It is created on the basis of an educational institution. UBC participants are students of educational institutions at the age of 14-18 years.

The main tasks of UBC are:

  • facilitating the organization of practical training in the basics of entrepreneurial activity of students;
  • development of all stages of the company’s functioning in real economic conditions in order to analyze various aspects of the enterprise’s economic activity, its economic independence, effective organization of production;
  • development of organizational skills and psychological readiness of students to start work after graduation;
  • improving the material and technical base of educational institutions

In September 2011 of the year updated edition published 6000 copies of the manual “Fundamentals of entrepreneurship for young people” at the expense of the State Support Program for Small Businesses of the Minsk Region for 2010-2012 g by order of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee. And in 2014 year, with changes and additions, an updated manual was again published in circulation 3000 copies at the expense of the State Support Program for Small Businesses commissioned by the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

Download edition 2014 of the year.

Map of training business companies

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Textbook "Student business tutoring for the development of entrepreneurship and teaching students the basics of entrepreneurship"

Map and allowance provided by Consulting Institution “Social Technology Business”, prepared by the project “Creation of a volunteer club of students-mentors "Business Tutor" “, implemented with the financial support of the Small Grants Program of the US Embassy in the Republic of Belarus in 2018 year.