Ornamental plant nursery

Ornamental plant nursery "EuroPlant" is located in 25 km from the city of Grodno and began its activities back in 2006 year. The starting area of ​​our nursery was 5 Mrs. We are currently engaged in production on an area of ​​over 35 Mrs. We grow plants outdoors (rooted cuttings in p9, conifers from the ground, deciduous plants from soil, conifers in containers, deciduous plants in containers). The nursery is located in a hilly area, thanks to which the plants, which we produce, hardened for adverse climatic and soil conditions.

Peasant farm "EuroPlant": Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Sopotskinsky s / s, der. Radzivilki

Tel.: +375-29-582-44-79




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