Vegetables, cereals, fish farming and fishing

FH "Bordeaux" of Pruzhany district was formed 30 April 2003 of the year. The head and owner of the farm is Nadezhda Ivanovna Tarasevich. The main objectives of the economy are:

  1. Production of agricultural products:
    • Growing potatoes.
    • Growing vegetables (cabbage, beetroot, table carrot).
    • Growing cereals (barley, wheat, lupine).
  2. Repair and restoration of agricultural activities
  3. Wholesale and retail trade in agricultural products, spare parts for agricultural machines, restored and new equipment.
  4. Fish farming and fishing

Farm "BORDO": Head of the farm Tarasevich Nadezhda Ivanovna

Brest region, Pruzhany district, d. Куплин

Head of household:8(029) 645-17-80 mobile

Zam. Heads of the farm:8(01632) 7-16-85 working
8(029) 331-95-02 mobile

Executive Director:8(01632) 2-07-28 working
8(029) 637-53-89 mobile

Chief Engineer:8(01632) 2-03-20 working
8(029) 696-10-02 mobile

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