panel “icy lake”

150.00 rub.

Picture of resin in a unique for Belarus Resinart technology will be a highlight in the interior of any style.

Size 40 * 40 cm

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Everyone needs the company?! 😊

Standing alone chests sad or empty shelves can be revived (and to please) even the smallest decor. 😄
And what to speak of the sad plain walls…
resin paintings are perfectly suited for the role of a friend and luxurious interior preobrazhatelya)). They are still at different viewing angles give different views. the color, the shine, the gloss and stones protruding above it… Resin 2_2

Buying a painting resin you can not fear for its longevity, because of its service life is measured by decades, the resin is very durable and safe material for today, of it has even made furniture!!!

My name is Alla (AllaBrosko), I paint abstract paintings and resin am today the only one in Belarus by the artist in the techniques and geodeart resinart.

pictures, you can buy from me, unique, each unique, although it makes copies, but it is rather a repetition of color and uniform solutions. As a result, still get a picture with his unique. Resin 2_2, he transformed, It becomes richer and more a status, at the same time it relaxes and beautifies. Your guests and partners will appreciate your taste and feel the unique atmosphere of your home or office.

Choose cleanse picture on my page and order!

I wish to find something that you like!


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